School Inventory/Asset Register Compilation

Schools have a range of assets which are often attractive and portable, such as computers, digital cameras and musical instruments. These need to be recorded in a school inventory or asset register.

As many schools do not have the time to update their school inventory we can compile or update your schools asset inventory for you recording all your assets above an agreed threshold value.

We will provide you with a computerised record of these assets in a spreadsheet format.

We can also security mark items of value for ease of identification if lost or stolen.

The school inventory compilation can be undertaken during school hours or outside of normal school hours be it holiday periods or weekends – whichever is more convenient.

Key benefits to your school :-

  • saving you time and it allowing your time to be spent on teaching related issues
  • helps support any insurance claim for stolen / damaged equipment
  • it safeguards against theft or misuse of school property
  • it helps overall asset management and helps you fully utilise your assets

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